Broker Ville Lead Generation No More Cold Calling

June 15th, 2011
Wesley B.“The [Brokerville] lead generation program does what it says it does. It has paid for it self; within the first 30 days.  This process creates appointments and accounts faster than any other marketing I have tried ever. I have never had a marketing return within 30 days like this one. Twenty five leads in the last month, got 4 appointments, closed with 3 accounts and still have 3 follow ups left. No more cold calling for me!”

BrokerVille Annuity Prospects

June 15th, 2011
“I already write over $7 million a year and am always looking for effective lead programs. When I found Broker Ville I was obviously skeptical at first. However, after using the system for only three months, I’ve gotten over 465 leads and have written $2.46 million since 1/9/08, and this includes one case for $1.65 million! And the most important thing about Brokerville is that they GUARANTEE the exclusivity of these leads. If you meticulously follow the training that BrokerVille has outlined on their website, I guarantee you it will work.”

The Broker Ville System Client Proven Lead Source

June 16th, 2011
John B.[Brokerville's] program is fantastic, and has done wonders for my business. It has provided me with a proven lead source that works, HI where the prospects are interested in finding out more when I call. This enables me to set-up appointments with minimal resistance versus a cold call. I highly recommend Brokerville’s system to anyone looking to increase their production and make more money. Thanks a million.”
—Barney C., Fremont, CA

Winning financial advisors try every lead source that seems reasonable. If it doesn’t work, they might lose a few hundred dollars. But from the lead sources that work, they can make millions. Unsuccessful advisors, on the other hand, have such tremendous skepticism and are so timid about investing in their business, most every opportunity passes them by. Barney is the successful type of advisor.

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Broker Ville Lead Program Plus Drip Marketing

June 16th, 2011
Walter P.“Since I began the leads program in September I have met with 6 qualified prospects of which 3 became clients with investment portfolios of more that $500,000 each. I feel the future of the rest of the my leads is bright. Without a doubt, I have more than paid for my investment (and then some.) I believe that over the next 3 months or so I will have generated more than $5,000 net commissions from this program. I believe for the program to be effective. Dripping with newsletters and workshops/seminars are key. Rome was not created in a day. Give any marketing program time. By following this turnkey program, advisors can spend less time with ineffective prospecting methods and more time opening new accounts and expanding business.” —Walter P., Summit, NJ

Walter is a smart guy. He knows that no matter how good a lead program is, many prospects will not set an appointment on the first call. So he continues to invite these prospects to seminars and drip with a newsletter. It’s this incremental effort that can double or triple his results from the Brokerville lead program.

Broker Ville Lead Generation Results

June 16th, 2011
Aaron C.“The lead generation program has proved some amazing results! I have received 21 leads in the first two weeks. I am already setting appointments through the end of the month. Sending out the booklet makes them feel like they are being contacted by a friend. They see us as the expert and are ready to meet!” —Aaron C., Las Vegas, NV

The major failure of lead generation programs is that they miss a critical step. Normally, the sales professional gets the lead and calls the prospect. The professional is a stranger and the prospect has no reason to be receptive. In this case, Aaron fully understands the value of the booklet and how it positions the prospect favorable before he calls, allowing him to set more appointments on the first call.

Broker Ville “Be The Financial Expert”

June 21st, 2011

“The lead generation program has paid for itself many times over. We are receiving two to three leads a day of qualified affluent seniors. We have received 23 leads in the last 30 days, five appointments and three over $300,000 in annuity sales alone. The system has gathered momentum in the last week with leads coming in every day. When people contact us for information we are perceived as experts and our calls are welcomed!” —Lochainn O., Willoughby Hills, OH

If you chase prospects, you’ll never be perceived as a financial expert. You’ll be perceived as a sales person. Not only does Lochainn understands that he wants prospects to come to him, by sending the booklet first, he positions himself as an expert, head and shoulders above another product sales person. So you choose to be seen by prospects as just another seller or as an advisor. Those perceived as advisors do more business. The Brokerville™ program has you perceived as an advisor, as the financial expert you are.

Broker Ville Generates Sales Leads – a comparison

June 23rd, 2011
Wayne H.“I have been using [Brokerville] since last spring (2008). I recently ran 3 lead programs simultaneously. A direct mail/appt setting program. Cost $85 per appointment. A telemarketing company calling off their own list, cost $110 per appointment, and Brokerville. My cost with [Brokerville] for 50 leads has been $900, with closed business so far of $365,000, and more still to come. I highly recommend Brokerville over any other lead source I’ve tried.”
Wayne H., Glenarm, IL

Broker Ville Best Lead Program

June 27th, 2011
“It’s easy for me to write something about the Broker Ville program as I feel it is valuable. I have received practical and useful information with regards to how to call the leads and how to follow up as well. What a good opportunity to learn from leaders in this industry. The very first lead I received I called and the prospect was receptive to receiving the booklet and I did a $83,000 rollover. Right off the bat the program has paid for itself! I have been in the industry for 23 years and have found this to be the best lead program-the prospects want what you have to offer!” —Paul U., Las Vegas, NV

Lead systems and lead programs often fail because the user does not follow instructions. In this case, Paul followed the scripts and instructions provided, a critical step to success, and immediately earned commission.

Broker Ville Review Dale How to Schedule Appointments

July 2nd, 2011

How to Schedule Appointments

Dale S.“I have used [Brokerville] for over a year and have had some very successful appointments as a result. Following a simple program of mailing the requested material and following up with a non-invasive phone call often leads to an appointment. From numerous sales, one over $1,000,000, I have picked up over $2,000,000 of new money from these prospects. Most importantly I am in position to provide financial services for a good number of new clients for years to come. [Brokerville] is easy to work and very supportive in providing help when needed. I highly recommend you give it a try.” —Dale S., Edgewater, MD

Dale knows how to schedule appointments. He makes a “non-invasive” call. He does not assume that the prospect wants to buy or even has interest. As we teach in the SeniorLead training materials, he uses a system to engage their interest and make friends, in less than 2 minutes. Once the prospect’s guard is down, they are more willing to answer questions so that you can find their motivation. Once you know what motivates your prospects, it’s easy to schedule appointments.

Broker Ville Email Leads

July 8th, 2011
Robbie L. K.

“I just recently expanded my area for the email leads. My average ticket is around $75,000 to $200,000. This program is a great compliment to all the other great marketing systems that [Brokerville] has to offer.”
—Robbie L. K., Daytona Beach, Florida

While some financial sales professionals come to the office and start scrapping for their next new client, Robbie just checks his email for that day’s email leads from Brokerville, prospects seeking financial information and answers, prospects that take initiative, are warm and welcoming to his call. Most in financial sales cannot believe it could be that easy because they have been struggling. They struggle with methods taught to them by large firms or managers basing their advice on opinion rather than science. The Brokerville system has been proven again and again.